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 Pastor and First Lady    

Pastor and First Lady

Superintendent, Dr. C. G. and Missionary Fannie Charles


Superintendent Charley G. Charles, a man of integrity and faith, has been preaching and teaching the word of God for over 40 years. His service in ministry has been extensive, serving the Church of God in Christ on a local, state and nation level.


Superintendent Charles most notably began in ministry career in the 1970s, after he was ordained as an “Elder” in the Church of God in Christ. Accepting his call as an evangelist, he began evangelizing across the greater United States, preaching the gospel and drawing hundreds to Christ. He continued in this role and became a part of the Michigan State Evangelist Department where he also held the leadership position as President. As President, Elder Charles trained and encouraged other evangelists “to go into the world and proclaim the good news” as the word of God exhorts.


Missionary Fannie Charles has been saved and working for the Lord for more than 43 years. She is the eldest of 15 children and she learned to delegate at a young age. She uses this skill to provide insight and direction to church members on the local, district and national levels of the Church of God in Christ.


She is devoted to her work of the Lord. As she breaks new ground in ministry she inspires others and encourages them to believe, “I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13. She does not allow the work of the enemy to deter her from accomplishing the goals the Lord has set before her.


After serving the Church of God in Christ as a traveling Evangelist, in 1984, the then “Elder” Charles became “Pastor” and was appointed to serve the Tabernacle Church of God in Christ by Northeast Jurisdictional Bishop, P.A. Brooks. Pastor Charles had a vision for moving Tabernacle Church of God in Christ forward into the 21st Century. He understood the importance of building upon the strong foundation of this ministry to reach a new generation and empower new leaders already within the ministry’s ranks.


Over his past 30 years of service, with the help of a faithful congregation, Pastor Charles was able to establish the following, Audio (Tape & CD) Ministry; Regular Bible Studies; Increased church giving; Outreach Ministry; Youth ministry; Family services; Welcome Committee; Support Groups; and Publications and Communication.


In 2005 Pastor Charles was appointed by Bishop P.A. Brooks to become Superintendent of the Grace District, where he oversees 5 churches. The same vision Superintendent Charles has as pastor of the Tabernacle Church of God in Christ, he carried over in this position and works tirelessly to build and strength other pastors within the District.


Missionary Charles serves as President of the of the Women’s Department, Sunday School Superintendent, and Prayer and Bible Band teacher here at Tabernacle. She’s the Southwest end State Sunday School Representative, the Northeast Michigan Jurisdiction State President for the YWCC and is a member of the missionaries’ examination board.


In addition to his service to the Church and his passion for preaching, another strong interest of Superintendent Charles is education. A graduate of Michigan Bible College, C. H. Mason Bible College, Mt. San Anton Community College and Kalamazoo Valley Community College, and is currently attending Wayne State University. One of Superintendent Charles’ mottos is “God plus education.”


Missionary Charles not only does diligent church work, she worked for over 17 years in the Kalamazoo and Comstock Public Schools systems as a Special Education Teacher. Missionary Charles Has a Bachelor’s Degree from Wayne State University with a certification on Special education and a Master of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education from Western Michigan University. She draws on her education and work in the experience for the up building of the Kingdom.


While it is undeniable that Superintendent and Missionary Charles is passionate for ministry and community, one of the greatest passions that they have is for family. Superintendent and Missionary Charles recently celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary. Together they reared 4 children, Michael, Roy, Gena and Freeda and have 14 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.


Pastor and Missionary Charles continue to involve themselves on many committees to allow the community to know the Lord, and Tabernacle church of God in Christ. The two believe that if you continue to give to the community, you community will continue to give to you.

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